FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – February 12, 2010

The USD has been quite the bull lately and we have not yet seen any reason technically for that to cease. With the situation in Greece very tense, the Euro has shown even further weakness. With this Euro weakness and USD strength we again were looking to the EUR/USD for some further clues of continuation [...]


Hey everybody, for this presentation I continue the Cable analysis we have been tracking the last few videos. I’m looking for some further continuation of dollar strength. Good luck and happy holidays. David Pegler

FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | May 19, 2010

Rumors contributed to plenty of volatility in the currency market on hump day’s New York session. A pair of sequential trades on two yen crosses — EUR/JPY and AUD/JPY — yielded some 360 pips for those traders who played a switch-hitter role.

2 Forex Live Trading Course 2 of 6

Forex trading course part two. Here in this trading video we look at how the forex markets, indeed all markets work as a money machine. We look at supply and demand in the world of the stock markets and how market makers work the money machine to their own advantage.

Forex Trading – The Session Based Breakout

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