Introduction to Forex

Learn the basics on online currency trading with this 8 minute video. Forex is one of the largest financial markets in the world – trading over 1.9 trillion in daily volume.

Trading? Virtually!

Trading? Virtually! Currency Trading is,let’s say one of the largest markets on the planet, which effectively does not exist. Currency trading is also called Forex and trading in Forex is done in a virtual market that does not physically exist! Yes that’s true! Some of the people in this virtual market are there, simply to [...]

Etoro Trading

Etoro Trading   Etoro is basically an online foreign exchange or forex trading platform. Online forex trading is one of the businesses getting recognition from all quarters of society at a rapid speed. The reason behind this is the convenience, since you can indulge in online foreign exchange trading without moving from your comfortable computer [...]

Forex Currency Trading | Day Forex System Trading

forex-for-retirement.com – Forex Currency Trading . Learn about day Forex system trading and the basics of Forex trading. Discover a way to tap into the Forex market with absolutely no knowledge of how trading works, and no worrying about making the wrong decisions. Forex Trading Currency,…


Hey everybody for this outlook it’s all about the Euro USD, I use a daily chart to put together a conservative intraday trade plan. Also pack this video with lots of Fibonacci work. I hope you enjoy the analysis, good luck!! David Pegler

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