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In news this week, the euro dipped the most it has in the four months against the dollar after European Central Bank President Jean- Claude Trichet gave indications that he will not increase the interest rates in the coming month

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FOREX VIDEO London Session Review April 27, 2011

With the USD being a bit rangy today working our way to today’s FOMC statement, we focused our attention on other currencies. While the Yens rocked the house, we also had a solid plan setup for the GBP/USD for a long off previous support, as well as ema, and weekly central pivot point overlaps. This is a pretty typical setup all the time for us but what made today’s long rather difficult was that major British news, in the form of GDP, was due out. Normally not a problem, just wait for it to come out and then trade right? Well when you have very high confidence in a Technical setup that you wait several hours for, and that entry finally arrives two minutes before a major news release… Well let’s just say one can become conflicted. Not taking the trade means you did not trade your plan and you will kick yourself when the entry does not return. Taking the trade prior to news could result in a very fast 40-50 pip loss which may also cause you to kick yourself for trading so close to news. This is one of those situations which is a personal choice and can be stressful. However, once you have traded for a good bit of time, you will surely discover that the best technical setups often Do occur just prior to news releases, go figure. Ultimately one must make their own decisions and stick to them through thick and thin. In this case our plan worked out tremendously well as the GDP came out in our favor and boosted us directly off our technical level for nearly 150 pips, not too

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FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – March 31, 2011

Today was fun from Asia into London and just kept getting better. The EUR/USD finally broke the 1.4150 zone and it’s recent 4hr price trap which gave us permission to put together bullish plans for the remainder of the day. Also, the GBP/USD, while also initially long from Asia and London, finally reached some nice crystal clear Overlapping resistance at 1.6150 zone. Weekly Central Pivot point, Daily R2 Reversal Pivot Point, long term role reversal, 38.2-50% long term Fibonacci pullback zone, mid point psychological level, Daily 21ema, EUR/GBP breaking it’s trap to the upside, weak USD… You name it, it was overlap central of resistance reasons. Not only did we put together a shorter term scalp short, but also a much more conservative Double Top entry that continues to dive as of the making of this video. Patience paid off today, and likely will reward even more in the days to come. Have a great weekend! FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

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FOREX Trading Review Video 1 JUL 10 GBP/USD +251 pips

www.fxtrainingzone.com GBP/USD Long trade based on 21EMA on daily chart & short term entry: -4H closed at bottom of price channel -5M entry based on momentum (fibonacci). – MACD confirmation on 4H chart. – Exit based on 15M chart.

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FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – February 8, 2011

Today as pre-London was underway and London open nearing, the charts were showing quite a few contradicting signals. Telling us we were very likely looking for a somewhat choppy London session, very volatile both ways. This in turn caused me to put my ‘Scalp Hat’ on and think more about building shorter term 40-60 pip scalps than longer directional plays. In this video I highlight one such trade we executed together involving the GBP/USD pairing. Cable broke lows just as the London market opened, giving us at least short term direction. Using this information we employed some patience and waited for a quality pullback using both Fibonacci retracement levels as well as moving average overlap, previous broken support at these same Fib levels as a short zone. Once we made it to this area we zoomed into shorter term charts for the actual execution, and jumped in for what ended up a 50′ish pip scalp short before finding support near the weekly central pivot point. Sometimes a series of scalps is more achievable than a higher quality one way trip on a pair. FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

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