CMS Forex Commercial

Currencies are personified…namely, the British Pound (Knight), American Dollar (Cowboy), Japanese Yen (Ninja), and the European “Euro” (Musketeer). These currencies are depicted fighting it out in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) markets. Note: While I think the commercial is cool, this isn’t an endorsement….all investments carry risks.

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Trading forex pairs with oil

This is the first article in a series we will be doing at www.PFXglobal.com on forex trading and intermarket analysis. Intermarket analysis is a tool that can be used to find trading opportunities in the market. 100% free forex education available from www.pfxglobal.com

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Free Forex Analysis – 6th February 2011

www.forex-fxtrader.com – Free Forex analysis for the week ahead by Marc Walton.

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Forex Trading, Trade The FX market, Online Seminar, Part 3

Online seminar about the Forex market and how to succesfully trade using a proven methodology. Presented by The Trading Institute (www.thetradinginstitute.com), this video shows a live trade using the Thinslice Trading methodology, information about the forex, forex brokers, how to trade…

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Forex Trading – My Favorite Setup

Get my favorite Forex Trading Setup here: www.TopDogTrading.com

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