FX Instructor Live Forex Trading Room Results | 10/01/2007

Mondays are usually slow days, since it takes a bit of time for the technicals to conform, or as we say, the dust to settle down after the weekend openings. Not many trades, though we did have two good ones today. USD/JPY. We had an excellent Bullish Wolfe Wave on 30 min charts, which was identified by one of our members. We were thinking of going Long on this pair, and the Wolfe Wave only reinforced our confirmation. This trade gave us an excellent profit of about 90 points. The best part about Wolfe Waves is that the entries, stops, and targets are completely pre-defined. The second trade we took today is on the GBP/USD, observing a Bearish Divergence on the 4h charts. This was a trade taken step by step by our subscribers. We were targeting about 50 points of profit, but it went beyond our targets, netting about 70 points. Not a bad start for the week! Visit www.fxinstructor.com to learn more.

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FX Instructor Live Forex Trading Room Results | 11/07/2007

Out of intraday trade setups today, we traded just one. The Yen pairs were going crazy in the Asian session, and have been dropping like a stone. We managed to catch the GBP/JPY – and did not anticipate such a large move. The Divergence was certainly there – a Bearish Divergence. We entered our Short trade based on our Fibonacci Fan levels, and price went far beyond the expected target levels. We did not ride the price all the way down, however. This trade was a good example in the room of the effectiveness of Fibonacci Fans in general, and how to use them. We have been following up with a Bullish Flag formation on the GBP/USD daily charts . Price is expected to go up the distance of the flagpole, and is well into the process now. We also used the Andrew’s Pitchfork in an interesting and different way – one of our members sent us the idea to aligned the APF in a way which gives higher targets for the GBP/USD. The way this is going, we expect the pair to rally up considerably, to the upper line of our APF. I would like to close with an interesting development on the AUD/JPY. We have been following up this pair for some time. Based on the 4h charts, we had been expecting a downtrend, and plotted our Fibonacci Fan lines on the 4h charts. Once price enters into a fan channel, we expect it to continue retracing to a certain fan level. After price entered the fan channel, it has given us a Bearish Gartley Pattern. Gartley Patterns are very, very accurate. You don’t come across

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FOREX VIDEO | NFP Review | April 1, 2011

The best headline NFP number in 10 months gave the US dollar a lift during the 90 minutes after the release of the US jobs report. The greenback then got smoked after New York Fed president William Dudley expressed concerns about premature monetary policy tightening during a speech in Puerto Rico.

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FOREX Training | FOREX Trading – March 8, 2007

Fibonacci Retracements from yesturday’s trading range overlapped perfectly with Fibonacci Extentions from today’s the New York open. This convergence of Fibs also happened to the the Support Pivot Point… Guess what? This was an important level to watch! LIVE FOREX TRAINING | EVERYDAY! WWW.FXBOOTCAMP.COM

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FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | March 25, 2011

Comments by Philadelphia Fed President Charles Plosser during the New York lunch hour gave the greenback a notable lift. The EUR/USD currency pair fell 75 pips during the final 45 minutes of the European trading week.

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