Marc Faber – Is Greece Irrelevant for global Markets – 10 feb 2012

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Forex Presentation with Peter Bain — The Most Profitable Pair to Trade – Feb. 14/11

The Most Profitable Pair to Trade In today’s presentation, Peter identifies the most profitable pair to trade in the forex. He even shows you how to determine the pip value of the pair. Being the most profitable pair, this pair can be traded to achieve less pips per trade simply because of its pip value.

Beginners Guide to Play The Online Games

I am sure that you have noticed that playing the online games being more popular along the internet users. No, matter what kinds of business fields they work and what kinds of profession their jobs, even you are the Forex trader of course. Because we need the entertainment to fill up our spare time besides [...]

Forex Fibonnaci Levels



Hi Everyone Many thanks to those who attend the webinar last week with FX Street. For those who asked if it was recorded, here it is – bit.ly For todays video, the focus is right back on the price action combined with multiple timeframe analysis. We break down the Swissy and Pound and build some [...]

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