Hi everyone, this outlook is a bit different to my normal analysis. I focus on the longer term charts today. We have made a few key technical breaks on a daily level. Good luck, I hope you enjoy the video. David Pegler

FOREX Trading | FOREX Training – November 30, 2006

Great forex currency correlation today. This helped us trust our forex pivot points when creating our forex trade plan for the day. Once the M4 held the GBP up, the EUR was cleared for take off. Resistance was broken and profit levels at the forex Fibonacci Extensions of 138.2% and 161.8% were achieved. Live FOREX [...]

Forex Software

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FOREX trading example with Vic Noble February 4, 2011

The Power of Trend Lines in the Forex Make sure you check out this week’s video! I think you’ll find it very helpful. It will highlight the power of higher time frame trend lines together with support and resistance levels. Then…how to use THAT information to construct a trade!

BTS1) Brendan and Shoot’s Beginner Trading Course Introduction Learn to Trade Stocks Forex Futures

www.informedtrades.com http Brendan and Shoot’s Beginner Trading Series Introduction. This series will consist of different trading videos for newer traders and provide them with a map of how to start out their trading career.

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