Interview Intervention!

Interview Intervention!

As the job market continues to be a crowded and competitive environment, job applicants will need every edge they can to be successful in landing that dream job. According to expert Greg Chase, seventy five percent of adults suffer from anxiety in social situations with people they have not met before.

Greg Chase, a Las Vegas resident and Director of The Etiquette School of Las Vegas, says, “It only takes about 5 seconds for a potential employer to have a solid first impression of you. With that in mind, it is important to be self aware to ensure a positive impression.”

Chase says there are five tips for success you can practice, to outclass your competition:


Dress for success. Your attire is the first and last thing that your potential employer is going to remember about you. Unless you are familiar with the corporate culture of the company you are interviewing at, maintain a conservative yet professional appearance.


Maintain the right amount of eye contact. Forty to sixty percent of the time you are speaking to someone, you should be maintaining eye contact. If you increase this, you may make the other person feel uncomfortable. Too little, and you may give off the impression you are not listening.


Confident body language. While you are in a situation where you are standing, be sure to allow your arms to naturally rest to your side. Crossing your arms or fidgeting gives off the impression you are overly confident, or nervous.


Firm and confident handshake. Be aware of your handshake. The goal is to make a web to web contact, so keep your thumb out, and fingers wide to avoid missing the other person’s hand. A firm handshake projects confidence, but be sure not to over do it.


Conquer clammy hands. If you find yourself with clammy hands before a social situation, purchase a fragrance free antiperspirant spray and apply it to your hands before your interview. It will prevent your hands from becoming moist in that critical moment.

Greg J Chase is trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington® and offers seminars in business etiquette, dining and international protocol. For more information, contact Greg Chase at (702) 408-4438, or visit his website at www.etiquettelasvegas.com

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