Good Investment for Future at the Staunton

As the people that working at the forex business, we are popular as the trader. It means we are doing buying and selling activities and our commodity is money or currency. We are taking the profit from the decrease or increasing of the value of money from various countries in the world. The basic but [...]

Forex Trading Education # 4 – Learn Forex Trading -

.www.forexstrategysecrets.com Pulling the trigger on a trade is only a small part of trading. Good Account management is an important part as well.

Forex Trading Daily Video – May 31

The euro rebounds on hopes for a Greek bailout

FOREX trading example with Vic Noble – April 22, 2011

Trend vs Counter-Trend? Which One is Best? We’ve all heard the expression, “the trend is your friend”. And it’s true, trend trading is very powerful, and obviously a good approach to trading. (For day traders, that’s what the “vic” trade is that I teach). So does that mean that counter-trend trading is no good? Absolutely [...]


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