FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – May 11, 2010

Pre-London extended us very well on most pairings tonight. Leaving London nothing to do but counter-trend these trades back at least to area’s that were more comfortable to re-enter the directional trends still in progress. Since I have covered some counter-trend trades in a few recent video’s, in this video I will focus more on [...]


Hi Everyone For todays video I am looking to rinse and repeat what we have seen in the last couple of days, that is shorting the USD. I am keeping it simple. The Euro seems to be gathering some momentum against the Pound, therefore looking for EUR/USD longs. I believe we could see several hundred [...]

Easy Forex Strategies For Beginners

There are a number of easy forex strategies for beginners. The best beginner Forex training may simply be free Forex training for beginners. Once you see some simple examples you will see that Forex trading doesn’t have to be hectic or complicated to be extremely profitable.

Houston: Why Me?

If you have ever dreamt of moving somewhere far away from your current residence in order to live a calmer, less stressful lifestyle, or if you are trying to find someplace less polluted and cleaner than New York or Philadelphia, consider moving to Houston, Texas.

FOREX Fundamental Analysis November 14, 2007

An over view of the upcoming PPI and Retail Sales release, including expected pip results as well as which currency pair to trade. Live FOREX Training | Everyday! www.fxbootcamp.com

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