Forex: SPOT vs SWAP markets

Learn the difference between SPOT and SWAP markets

10 13 09 Spanton Forex Recap


Steal Pips: Is Steal Pips Illegal?

Steal Pips: Is Steal Pips Illegal? Steal PIPS: Is Still PIPS Another Forex Scam? There has been much speculation on the new forex robot software, StealPIPS. Does it live up to its claims? Upon visiting the Steal PIPS website, the first thing you are confronted with, is their rather questionable sales pitch, “Learn how to [...]


Hey everybody, for this video I look at Cable. We have been in a very tight 4 hr range but I do expect a break today. I hope you enjoy the video and good luck today!! David Pegler

Currenex ECN overview- Forex platform

This is a basic overview of the Currenex ECN platform. If you would like a free demo of this platform, please click here: fastbrokers.com The minimum to open an account 00 (some brokers minimum deposit is 25-50k) In the next Currenex video, I will over how to place limits, stops, trailing stops, etc. This is [...]

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