How to make money with forex price action

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Daily Video Recap (8/15): Greenback Rebounds After Bernanke

Bernanke reiterated what we already know, that quantitative easing is coming, but he didn’t offer new specifics. The Dollar fell following his speech, but then rebounded in NY trading on profit taking and some risk aversion in US stocks. We leave this week with the Dollar near parity against the Australian and Canadian Dollars, and [...]

Timing Your FOREX Trades with Moving Averages


Spot market, forwards market, and futures market

If you’re living in France and want to visit Borobudur in Indonesia, you must exchange your France currency to local currency, in this case the Indonesian Rupiah, at the current exchange rate. Currencies are important, it’s able to conduct foreign trade and business. The need of exchange currencies is the main reason why foreign exchange [...]

Get the Best Web Hosting Easily

Find a web host for your business is a very important decision and should be treated accordingly, as service quality Web Host determining the user experience with your website. A wrong selection can be harmful. Look out for the best web hosting provider service. A bad web host can lead to loss of potential sales [...]

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