Hello folks. Todays video focuses primarily on the Euro through the eyes of the EUR/USD and EUR/GBP. Euro still looks technically weak. Hoping we can keep swinging our way down and break to new lows. Could be a day when you let the Daily CPP be your best friend. If we live below it, continue [...]

The ABC’s of Horse Jewelry

Horse jewelry, jewelry with a horse design, has fascinated people throughout the history of man. From the earliest of times, families and individuals would incorporate the image of a horse onto their most treasured possessions, which often included jewelry. Made from precious metals and gems such as gold, silver and diamonds, they were passed down from generation to generation…becoming valuable family keepsakes.

Easy Trading with Forex Expert Advisor

  Expert Advisors can only be run on the platform / software MetaTrader trading and created using a programming language very similar to C + + to help make decisions in the trading and the weakness of human nature in forex trading transaction, for example: feeling tired, fearful, greedy, inconsistent, and others. Expert Advisor is [...]

Simple Forex MACD Trading System

This is an easy to use Forex trading system that anyone can learn to use quickly.

Free Forex Analysis – 6th February 2011

www.forex-fxtrader.com – Free Forex analysis for the week ahead by Marc Walton.

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