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Dec 13

FOREX Training – Timing Your FOREX Trades Pt 1

This is a video overview of how to improve the timing of your trades using moving averages. The goal of the forex trading strategy is to align market and price action for the best chance of success when you pull the trigger. Video produced by FX Bootcamp, LLC (www.fxbootcamp.com

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19 Responses to “FOREX Training – Timing Your FOREX Trades Pt 1”

  1. GusBariga Says:

    good presentation. but i find that there are still too many lagging indicators, way too many actually. trading raw price action with S and R levels and trendlines is the best in my opinion.

  2. texxta Says:

    thanks heaps mate

    setting up the averages and reading them like you have suggested seems spot on in my demo account

    keep up the good work

  3. Mrespe Says:

    Great work! Thanx a lot!

  4. gulfam333 Says:

    i am a biggener and find this course very good

  5. Frankenpalin Says:

    I enjoyed the non farm payrolls experience

  6. PANJATER Says:

    Some forex coaches and educators make DVD and sell this kind of stuff for hundred of dollars, but we can get it free here. These videos are very good companions to the book. Thanks a lot, Wayne!!!

  7. naumannt Says:

    this is very good presentation and knowledgeable for every one
    nauman tahir

  8. kostabbb Says:

    great suff……..thanks

  9. pwlco1 Says:

    Great analysis. Always learn something new when I review the basics through your videos.

    Patrick L

  10. LudoLudowitch Says:

    brilliant stuff

  11. koukoun95 Says:

    thx a lot

  12. leedphillips Says:

    Excellent lessons Wayne, Thank you

  13. rnp1thx Says:

    Thanks Wayne. Great monthly review.

  14. MacRookie101 Says:

    Great stuff!!!

  15. everestmindz Says:

    Thanks I needed this.

  16. BlurryLife Says:

    it’s great, thx

  17. Mrbignutzful Says:

    Hey Wayne, thanks for the expert tips and strategies…much appreciated.

  18. MsDawdawdaw Says:


  19. cherylish1 Says:

    your videos are excellent!

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