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Dec 16

Forex trading with a wise twist of leveraged prehistoric humor. It takes more than luck to be good at forex trading. In this hilarious episode, caveman forex trader gets very lucky. This banned commercial has been shown on several programs featuring the world’s funniest commercials, and for a good reason. www.etoro.com Forex trading made simple!

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25 Responses to “Forex Trading | Etoro”

  1. Renanle2 Says:

    Vendez des comptes Etoro et gagnez un argent monstre! etoroparnters . fr

  2. Valkmir Says:

    i’d prolly keep her

  3. hannaeoeidgav55808 Says:

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  4. Ju5tClever Says:

    Hmm. I’d probably trade her for a Nice Diamond

  5. forextrading11 Says:

    great video i have value information about the topic if you want learn more you have an open invitation

  6. AntonioLovesMusic Says:

    Qui ho un sacco di pietre … venite a fare un pò di trade

  7. Jutsinson Says:

    damn she’s hot

  8. CommanderUTube Says:

    Cool. I have many rocks here. Lets trade.

  9. iCheckVtec Says:

    the last man to hear the prehistoric orgasm…

  10. BlazeRocky22 Says:

    no she’s not

  11. EDOTMXD Says:

    can you resist clicking my name?

  12. SadeTabitha Says:

    Nice try. Keep it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing. bjzxc

  13. ProductKing23 Says:

    I have all the best forex robots and courses on the market.

    Let me know if interested and I will hook you up for the right price.

  14. dovermoreno Says:

    I made the same kind of trade just the other day.

    But instead of a rock, I got a gorgeous woman for a hundred pounds of drugs !

  15. remotettl Says:

    that chick is from Lost?
    nice ad!

  16. sha2i Says:

    does this really work

  17. BaseStationZero Says:

    Would that be a 2-pip spread trade?

  18. atlast247 Says:

    Love the graphics used to monitor the trades.
    But I can’t see me changing from my current forex robot which is for complete forex currency trading beginners and is so easy to use and very,very profitable.

  19. rogelioVela1985 Says:

    funny commercial

  20. tradersfast Says:


  21. afu666 Says:

    uba jaga…hehe America jak babun moro…

  22. BannedHumor Says:

    why do I have such a fetish for cavewomen????

  23. iCheckVtec Says:

    saw her face and my lightsaber power downed

  24. iCheckVtec Says:

    lol this is great

  25. nikanj Says:

    What an awesome rock.

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