Sorry today’s video is late. Was due to some YouTube issues. Todays video comes as a special request via Twitter to have a look at the USD/JPY. It looks like we are poised to head off to the next higher level as we look to complete a weekly swing or a move fib of the [...]

Compare Forex Brokers Uk – Regulated Forex Brokers

Compare Forex Brokers Uk – Regulated Forex Brokers Compare Forex Brokers Uk The Forex broker who is regulated is a member of a regulated financial authority. Meaning, that their corporate activity is checked and scrutinised, ensuring they observe a set of strict rules and procedures, put in place by the regulatory authority. Forex Regulation means [...]

FOREX VIDEO REVIEW: London Session January 20, 2009

The British Pound Sterling continued it’s slide throughout the pre-London, and into the London session itself. Although the short on the GBP/USD which many of us caught was the more desirable trend type trade, there was also a counter trend opportunity with a 55-100 pip possibility that presented itself while the GBP/USD pulled back throughout [...]

Timing Your FOREX Trades with Moving Averages


Forex Video | Trading Tip | Timing with Trend Lines and Fibs

www.trading-strategies.info Another trading tip with trend lines and Fibonacci retracements to give you a time reference for when you could expect a retracement and where it could retrace to.

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