Hey everybody, for this outlook I concentrate on Cable. Lots of work on the 4 hr chart today, I hope you enjoy the analysis. Good luck!! David Pegler

Forex Signal Mentor – 200 Moving Average

forexsignalmentor.com A strategy used by a lot of Professional traders to spot trend reversals and good selling and buying opportunities with high probability!

Forex Trading Robots – Do Forex Robots Really Make Big Profits?

www.learncurrencytradingonline.com Forex trading robots are big business but very few work and this video discusses the myths that Forex robot and Forex expert advisor vendors promote. The video also looks at the reality of how much money you can make with the best Forex trading systems, how to find them and finally, how to make [...]

Great HeadHunter for Your Forex Company

The most hard and time consuming activities in the company is find the executive to fill the top positions in company management. As we know that there are still rare to find the executive person that have a great and affordable quality for the top management position. It’s no different with the Forex company management. [...]

Be the Good Trader and Good Father for Your Baby

As the forex trader and executive, I have the community of peoples that have the same interest with the forex and investment business. Several days ago, I heard one of the members of the community would be the father since his wife was pregnant since several month ago and now he was very busy to [...]

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