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Feb 16

This is about my experience I just got last night. Extreme trend forced me to inject some dollars into my account. I was using Forex robot to replace me in make decision when the trend was come as usual. Running in EUR-USD pair I hope that the chart movement will calmly come so my Robot can do as usual. But I was surprised when there are big lost that would come to my account if I didn’t check it.

I guessed that this trend would end but I falsed, it become more extreme and extreme. I was in buy position meanwhile it should sell. I was in cricis situation since the amount of equity that I have almost over mean I would not able to trade again.

However I have to do money injection to avoid my trading over. Finally I did it and my account is save moreover because of this injection I can rebuild it and then close my trading with some thousands points of profits. It just my sharing about my online forex trading you may have more experiences and more online forex trading tips that can help me and reader to do more awesome trading online.

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