91. How to Determine Your Position Size in the Forex Market

clk.atdmt.com A lesson on the different contract sizes available to active traders and investors in the forex market. Foreign Exchange, currency trading, forex trading

Be the Good Trader and Good Father for Your Baby

As the forex trader and executive, I have the community of peoples that have the same interest with the forex and investment business. Several days ago, I heard one of the members of the community would be the father since his wife was pregnant since several month ago and now he was very busy to [...]

Powerful Business Cards for Our Business Promotional Tools

As the executive, I am very sure that you ever facing the situation as I said below when meet you colleague. The situation is when you hear someone say “May I have one of your business cards?” you should get excited. I know I do. Because many peoples in the world still want to be [...]

$787 Billion Stimulus Package Is Aggreed

United State Of America under Obama president make a decision to release $787 Billion stimulus package and this stimulus package has been agreed by Congress. By using voting system this stimulus package is agreed with comparison 60 and 3. This comparison also mean that senate agree to cut tax and more than 500 billion for [...]

Top 10 Survival Japanese Phrases For Traveling Japan

Learning a new language is always fun but learning Japanese is extremely interesting, as it is a very different language from English. The beauty of learning new languages is that you come across various new words and phrases and enjoy different words coming out from your mouth. To meet a person from a different language back ground and to communicate with him, you need not to have a firm grip over the entire language but some common phrases will do the job for you.

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