Todays video is a trade plan based on the EUR/USD. Following the past 24 hours, the Euro is looking heavy to the downside and looks prime to test the recent lows from 2009.

Forex Trading Daily Video – 2 May

Dollar rebounds on news that the al-Qaeda leader is dead

How To Trade Forex With A Mobile Android Phone, Ipad or Iphone

Have you ever wondered how to trade Forex on an Iphone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or Google android phone such as a Samsung Galaxy or Sony Ericson Experia? Well, here’s the inside scoop on that apps to look for, what is working and what is not. Should you spend money on a paid charting service? Can [...]

Be the Good Trader and Good Father for Your Baby

As the forex trader and executive, I have the community of peoples that have the same interest with the forex and investment business. Several days ago, I heard one of the members of the community would be the father since his wife was pregnant since several month ago and now he was very busy to [...]

Nice Tips for You to Save Your Family

As the peoples that already own the family and work at the Forex and investment business, we have to realize that we didn’t have much time to give our best moment for our beloved wife. We are so busy with our work at our business office. Those problem make many peoples fail at their marriage [...]

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