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Aug 10

I had an opportunity recently to do a ten hour guided tour of one of the leading epoxy floor coating facilities in Virginia, and I was, to put it quite bluntly, swept off my feet. The name of the company I toured is Epoxy Systems, and when it comes to industrial floors Norfolk work, their service is the best of the best, oh yes. They install a number of products–everything from top-notch industrial systems to commercial wall and flooring systems. These, I must say, mainly serve an aesthetic purpose.

So, I’ve got a question for you. What would you say is the most important part of a quality installation? Did you guess floor preparation? If so, you are correct. Epoxy Systems has a whole host of equipment, such as high quality industrial floor grinders, scarifiers, demolition hammers, shot blasters, scrappers, and only the finest quality jack hammers. The vast majority of plant floor or commercial upgrades make removal of the existing epoxy or tile flooring system a quite regulatory process. Epoxy Systems can handle this process very well.

Now, you should know that the process of floor preparation will create an enmourmous amount of dust, and Epoxy Systems aims to make sure that their industrial vacuums help to control the dust being created. In fact, if it becomes neccessary, an entire area can be isolated. This will ventilate dust and odor to the exterior. Epoxy is always on top of the imporant details; that’s why people look to them as th leading industrial flooring contractors Norfolk leaders.

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