Forex Trading Software – Automated Forex Strategy

TradeForex.BestReviewed.Net – Forex trading software is becoming very popular, and if you have as little as 50 bucks to invest in the market, they can be very effective and double your money many times over the year. I’ve tried many of these automated trading software packages, and this one is very intelligent compared to many. [...]

FOREX CONQUERED! (Forex, DAX, ES and ER Live Trade Recap)

Everyone knows Forex does not report volume. WIth our software, it now does! Our software has been redesigned to read “volume” on the forex market, so now ANY spot Forex market can be traded with our exclusive PVM technology. John will recap the trades on the EuroCAD Forex, then the DAX, then recap the LIVE [...]


Hey everybody, for this outlook video I take a detailed look at the Euro Yen and Cable, all the Yen crosses look very similar, so hopefully you can apply this analysis to the other pairs you watching. Very simple analysis today indeed. Not expecting a great trading day but I think we will have some [...]

Why We Should Invest at Forex Trading?

Forex trading is all about putting your money into other currencies, so you can gain the interest for the night, for time period or the difference in trading money all around. Forex trading does involve other assets along with money, but because you are investing in other countries and in other businesses that are dealing [...]

Daily Video Recap (8/15): Greenback Rebounds After Bernanke

Bernanke reiterated what we already know, that quantitative easing is coming, but he didn’t offer new specifics. The Dollar fell following his speech, but then rebounded in NY trading on profit taking and some risk aversion in US stocks. We leave this week with the Dollar near parity against the Australian and Canadian Dollars, and [...]

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