Forex Trading Analysis for Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

In this video, Michael tiny Saul, technical analyst at www.tinystmv.blogspot.com does his Forex Trading Analysis for Tuesday, May 24th, 2011. You can follow tiny at http

Automated Forex Trading

www.articlesbase.com Automatic Forex Trading utilizes special software that keeps an eye on the trade and the currency rates. It is there to keep an eye on the foreign exchange rates. digg.com

Price Action Forex Setups

www.learntotradethemarket.com – Price Action Forex Strategy

forex trading – news trading UK Retail Sales – Using Dual Fibonacci entry

UK retail sales is usually a high impact forex news that moves the currency market significantly, watch how I analyze the market, wait for proper retracement, and get in at the best optimal entry for a quick 50 pips of profit… market continue to move and gave traders that followed my signals even more pips… [...]


Hey Everyone, for this rather lengthy video I take a look at a basket of Yens including the USD Yen, Aussie Yen and Euro Yen. In addition to these Yen related pairs I also take a look at the Kiwi Dollar and Cable. Some reasonably involved analysis for a few pairs. I hope you enjoy [...]

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