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The ABC’s of Horse Jewelry

Horse jewelry, jewelry with a horse design, has fascinated people throughout the history of man. From the earliest of times, families and individuals would incorporate the image of a horse onto their most treasured possessions, which often included jewelry. Made from precious metals and gems such as gold, silver and diamonds, they were passed down from generation to generation…becoming valuable family keepsakes.

Forex Technical Update 8/3/2010 – Is US Dollar Recovery Imminent?

Forex Technical Update 8/3/2010 Fan Yang, CTA FXTimes The USD is plagued with further weakness across the board. I am monitoring many dollar crosses in order to make sure there is confirmation when the USD does rally. This is like looking at the internal structure of the dollar index. I believe the main crosses to [...]


Hi everyone, happy to be back after the London holiday. For this outlook video I analyze the Euro Pound extensively not necessarily to trade it but to use this pair as a strong proxy for Pound related relative strength. Nothing particularly complicated, simply using Euro Pound technicals to trade Cable. Good luck and I hope [...]

Keep Update Your Computer and Prepare to Make Profit

Live at the Forex business field; make me so desperate when facing the computer or laptop problems. I can’t work and could be loosing my opportunity to gain some profit or worst loose in my portfolio. Some little problems could be happen and make it growth as the big-giant problems when we can fix it [...]

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