Why Delayed Entry is Best (Forex News Trading)

Relax, you’re not missing the spike – plenty of room to the day’s central pivot point.

Weekly Forex Analysis: 15th May 2011

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Forex News Daily Recap – Market Quiet to Start Week, But Is Smaller QE in Store for Fed?

It was a pretty quiet day in currency markets, in that we had mainly tepid movements in our majors. In the EUR/USD pair, slumped slightly as a result of Moody’s downgraded the debt of Anglo Irish Bank, created some fresh concerns about sovereign debt worries. Late in the session , we saw the greenback gain [...]

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The EUR/JPY looks prime for an upside move. Price has retraced back to a former resistance zone. Lets see if we can use this as support for new longs. We also touch on the EUR/GBP and use this as a little justification for the EUR/JPY trade. Good Luck Rob Helean

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