Running Forex Trading Via Mobile Phone

Without any doubt online forex trading is a business that need to be checked often to know about the movement of currency you trade in. But this is become difficult for people who always in hurry along the their day. It is impossible to watch through their notebook quickly at the busstop. Becuse of this [...]

Forex Daily Outlook January 20, 2010

As we expected, the dollar continued gaining ground against the majors. As we reported yesterday, the breakout last week had no momentum and the reversal late last week signaled for further dollar strength. Will it continue? Thats the magic question. We think so. There is a lot of global uncertainty and we think the dollar [...]

$787 Billion Stimulus Package Is Aggreed

United State Of America under Obama president make a decision to release $787 Billion stimulus package and this stimulus package has been agreed by Congress. By using voting system this stimulus package is agreed with comparison 60 and 3. This comparison also mean that senate agree to cut tax and more than 500 billion for [...]

Why You Need Fundamental Analysis

Why You Need Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis is based on the factors that drive an economy. It assumes that there are supplies and demands for currencies. These factors can be predicted based on this information. Anything is a factor in fundamental analysis as long as it does not employ price. Some of the areas that [...]

Forex Technical Update 8/6/2010 – Japanese Yen Shows Resilience

Forex Technical Update 8/6/2010 Fan Yang, CTA FXTimes While the USD continues to be weak, the Japanese yen is actually showing resilience and still a chance to gain further, although the Japanese government will be unwelcoming to this trend. The EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY struggles to break away from their recent consolidation zone. Even the CHF [...]

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