The charts compared in this video represent the same period of market activity on the same currency. However you will notice how the Range Bars disassemble the tall elongated time-based candlesticks created from rapid price moves and reassemble the very small candlesticks from slower price action. This allows every technical study to respond properly, which [...]

The Secrets of Giving

The secret to get what you want is revealed. Simply by giving. The reasons are explained using the classic philosophical question: “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” The chicken and the egg, which forms the circle of life, serves as a profound analogy to giving and getting what we want: the circle of joy. The concept is explained in the clear and refreshing voice of Masami Sato, the author of ONE Book.

79. Forex – Over the Counter Vs. Exchange Traded Markets

www.informedtrades.com A lesson explaining the difference between exchange traded and over the counter markets for forex traders, currency traders, and foreign exchange traders.

FOREX Trading Review Video 1 JUL 10 GBP/USD +251 pips

www.fxtrainingzone.com GBP/USD Long trade based on 21EMA on daily chart & short term entry: -4H closed at bottom of price channel -5M entry based on momentum (fibonacci). – MACD confirmation on 4H chart. – Exit based on 15M chart.

Online Forex Trading Tools Forex Trading Advice

Online Forex Trading Tools Forex Trading Advice After being a victim to one or maybe several scams that are growing with popularity these days you responsively are cautious towards risky products. I am here to tell you that after the correct research testimonials and reviews looked over and final decision you will find out that [...]

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