Good Investment for Future at the Staunton

As the people that working at the forex business, we are popular as the trader. It means we are doing buying and selling activities and our commodity is money or currency. We are taking the profit from the decrease or increasing of the value of money from various countries in the world. The basic but [...]


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102. How Rollover Works in Forex Trading Part 2

www.informedtrades.com The second lesson of two on what rollover is and how it works for traders of the forex market who hold trading positions overnight.

FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | January 14, 2011

Over the ten trading days since the start of the year, the GBP/JPY currency pair has closed higher on eight of them. Today, the pair rose more than 80 pips from its New York session low during the final two hours of the European trading week.


Hey everyone, todays outlook is fairly intricate, I am anticipating some dollar weakness but its not going to be easy to navigate initially. I concentrate on the Euro Pound cross, Euro USD and Cable. I hope you enjoy the video!! David Pegler

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