forex support and resistance (metatrader 4 MT4)

www.pipware.com forex support and resistance using metatrader mt4. Created by stratman from metatrader.pipware.com

Video Response: CFTC Proposed FOREX Leverage Change

My name is Wayne McDonell. I am a retail forex trader and Chief Currency Coach of www.fxbootcamp.com This video is in reponse to the CFTC’s proposed changes to the retail forex trading industry. If passed, leverage will be reduced to 10-to-1. If the CFTC and the NFA have the intent to protect the American trader, [...]

forex for sex

forex trading the way it used to be. speechless

Forex Trading Daily Video – 18 April

Euro falls as focus turns to the euro zone debt problems


Hi everyone! The Asian preview for Monday is an update on the pound (may as well while it is producing for us) and a new look at the EUR/JPY and the possibility of some downside action.

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