Introduction to Forex

Learn the basics on online currency trading with this 8 minute video. Forex is one of the largest financial markets in the world – trading over 1.9 trillion in daily volume.

Similiar Fields of The Forex Industry

For some peoples, playing the forex to get money is their way of life. Taking some profit from the uncertainty of the money market even they faced to be broke in the ends. But it’s the compensation to gain some money. There are the other fields that similar with this forex business. It was a [...]

Forex Non-Farm Payrolls News Trade Feb 2008

Headline NFP is a negative number. The dollar should drop right? Wrong! The revision was positive, ISM was positive and even a Microsoft/Yahoo rumor was positive for the stock markets… all giving the dollar strength. Watch the video to review what to trade, why to trade it and how it could be traded using a [...]

Forex euro-dollar

Forex trading euro-dollar

A Closer Look: Home Loans

Purchasing a home is a decision that can lead to financial security. However, financing is often a confusing process especially for first time home buyers. Obtaining information on the different types of home loans is one of the most important steps to getting started in the home buying process. There are many different types of products available.

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