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As we know that the working at Forex business is offering to us unlimited profit and gain, just for the activity of selling and buying the foreign currency, it will bring us to the profit. But, as we know too that the Forex business is having the high risk also, so the key of the [...]

080918 FOREX Currency Trading

Reviving an old interest in currency trading. Anybody out there FOREX trading?

Forex Trading Systems | Online Forex Trading

bit.ly – To get huge profits out of your Forex trading career, you need to build your own profitable system-a trading system. Build a simpler one and see for yourself how profitable it is. Get our profitable trading system at: GoodGuideHere.com


Hi Everyone Was nice to meet a lot of new faces in the Bootcamp marathon last week. For this week, looking for new liquidity to come in now we have holidays out of the way. The bias I am looking at is USD weakness and therefore looking to form long EUR/USD trades. Have a great [...]

FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – January 12th, 2011

** Video is Mis-Dated, I must have gone bonkers when I dated it 1-10-11, it’s actually 1-12-11* This week trading during the london morning has been rather umm….let’s say challenging. One can only watch so many +30 to +45 pips trades go to break even before getting rather hostile. Follow through has been dismal. However, [...]

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