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Forex Heiken Ashi Bars and Price Action Channel Indicators

Demonstration of a tool to use Heiken Ashi bars with real prices onscreen but remaining clear and readable. Also, shows a Price Action channel that can be used as a signal to take trades in Forex currency pairs. One place you can learn to use the HA bars and Price Action Channel is compassFx.com where Dean Malone teaches his Synergy technique. His basic Synergy is free but he also has an Advanced course. Both indicators are free on www.forex-tools-cafe.com along with many others. We do have a few commercial items such as a screen capture on orders and a trade management tool. Each indicator is given space to show it on screen and to give a description of operation. I don’t have a method to push, but I do try to build the tools that I need and give most of them away. Probably the most impressive tools are these announcing indicators which try to take existing indicators , improve them if possible and then make them speak to announce a trading signal. I had so many alerts going off at one time that I had no idea which one of ten pairs was having a event I needed to look at. So I made these to speak the currency symbol, the time frame and the triggering event. Makes it a lot easier to examine many pairs without a constant rotation of intensive examination trying to find these events myself. Visit our site and download any of the free forex indicators. And sign up for the newsletter. I hate writing emails on a regular basis so you only get notices when something changes on

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