Using Fibonacci to Measure Spikes (Forex News Trading)

Using Fibs when next pivot level is too far away.

The Five Financial Rules For Newlyweds

When a newly married couple comes to a financial planner, there are always five different areas that seem to matter the most. They are starry eyed of course, thus putting these financial musts in front of them is of extreme importance. These are basically: 1. financial debts, 2. financial goals, 3. opening accounts, 4. making a budget, and 5. deciding who is going to act as accountant for the couple.


Hi Everyone If Price Action and market fractals (multi-time frame analysis) are your thing or you are looking to improve in this area, then this video is for you. I break down the EUR/JPY and form a trade plan that has 700+pips potential. Have a good trading day. Will keep you up to date with [...]

Forex Trading Strategy – Advanced Scalping Techniques

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Better Films And Pictures With Green Screen Los Angeles

Ever imagined the film industry without the use of green screen? Most of the films and footage that amazed people are products of Green screen Los Angeles technology. With the use of green screen, out of this world settings and amazing creatures are shown in films. Chroma has made the not possible due to the wonders it can bring films. Dramatic effects and PC generated images are all possible thanks to the help of green screen. The films like Titanic and Star Trek used green screen technology that made it look more practical and creative. Green screen is regarded as any filmmaker’s best chum but not all folk know how this technique works.

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