Best Advice on how to get Your Ex Boyfriend Back: Five Ways to get his Attention

The best advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back is almost always going to be advice that helps you get his attention without turning him in the wrong direction. The problem is that you need to get his attention without words. That makes the whole thing a little more challenging for most women.

Insider Secrets of Forex Trading Charts

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The Five Financial Rules For Newlyweds

When a newly married couple comes to a financial planner, there are always five different areas that seem to matter the most. They are starry eyed of course, thus putting these financial musts in front of them is of extreme importance. These are basically: 1. financial debts, 2. financial goals, 3. opening accounts, 4. making a budget, and 5. deciding who is going to act as accountant for the couple.


Hi Folks. Looks like an exciting week ahead. I am going to have a further look at the Euro, ( I will get to the Pound one of these days I promise). Today I draw up a trade plan for the week and narrow it down to what I would expect over the next 24 [...]

FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | February 25, 2011

History on the currency pair known as cable repeated itself in two ways during today’s New York session. For the second day in a row, the GBP/USD fell, this time more than 80 pips from its session high. Pound dollar established its New York session low near 1.6030 on 4 of the first 8 trading [...]

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