FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – May 11, 2010

Pre-London extended us very well on most pairings tonight. Leaving London nothing to do but counter-trend these trades back at least to area’s that were more comfortable to re-enter the directional trends still in progress. Since I have covered some counter-trend trades in a few recent video’s, in this video I will focus more on [...]

Myth: Filing For Bankruptcy Means Losing Your Home

Saying that our most important investment is a home would be an understatement. It is where we raise our children and enjoy those precious moments with our family. It is the foundation on which the American dream is built. Not only is it an investment but it is where our hearts reside. It is where we kick up our feet and where we lay our heads. Protecting it is something that we will do at all costs.

FOREX VIDEO – New York Session Review – December 21, 2009

The US dollar firmed as an already steep Treasury yield curve got even steeper during today’s New York session. The greenback’s rally lifted the USD/CAD currency pair after it bounced at a 3-week trendline, Fibonacci retracement level, and daily S3 pivot point. The USD/CAD long trade yielded 70 pips before today’s London close.

New FOREX.com “Elevator” Commercial

FOREX.com has launched a new currency trading TV campaign in the US and abroad. The campaign consists of a series of 30-second spots, each featuring a different “World Trader” so engaged in forex trading that they express their devotion in unexpected setting revealed at the end of each commercial. Each spot concludes with the campaign’s [...]

FOREX trading example with Vic Noble February 25, 2011

A Practical Approach To Finding A Day Trade This week’s video is really simple (and less than 5 minutes), showing once again how to actually find a day trade based on higher time frame information. This example is a practical approach showing you exactly how to use higher level time frames to find a trade, [...]

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