Hey everybody, for this early outlook video I concentrate on the Pound USD. I take a step back today and look at some longer term charts; I hope you enjoy the analysis and good luck today! David Pegler

Great Collection of Best Infographics on the Net

Infographics showcase is the site that popular as the collection of the best infographics and data visualization on the web. They capture the great graphics on the net and giving the explanation or the meaning of the graphics with very clearly and meaningful for their readers. As we know, that infographics is known as the [...]

Forex Robot World Cup 1 – Video Presentation (1of2) Automated Trading Software MT4 Expert Advisor

Forex Robot World Cup Official Site: www.forex-robot-world-cup.com.au My Blog www.royaltrader.com.au FRWC Forex Robot World Cup Competition 1 – Outcome Presentation A Close, Uncensored Look At The Top-Performing Robots Of The Competition… The Final Live Results… Trade-By-Trade… A 100% Transparent Look At What The “Best Of The Best” Means! Why 329 Robot Developers Submitted Their eas [...]

Mike Maffei Forex Autopilot Q&A

Mike Maffei, Forex Hedge Fund Trader and the Mirror Trading Service If you have missed the videos for the forex auto-pilot income maker, Currency Cash Flow Machine, go here: Open Your Demo Account – Test it! www.auto-pilot-biz.com Mike Maffei answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the mirror trading, auto-pilot forex income opportunity. [...]

The Dollar recent movement

For forex banking system, currencies is the main part of the system. In the world to improve the feeling of investor, a race in the carry trade, and a jump in oil all the support for the increase in raw materials, the dollar movement on Friday . Compared to the U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar rose [...]

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