Feb 16

Greedy is not nice behave what ever you want to relate it with. So does when we take a context between forex online trading and greedy behave that won’t allow you get success in forex online trading. This is what I have faced during running online trading that need patient in analyzing the possibility that may happen to graphic movement and influence trading type you have take, sell or buy.

Yesterday become black day for me during becoming a trader. in the half of trading process I have pocketed some profit it almost 90 percents of my budget. I was thinking for a while doing evaluation to my chart movement. Then continuing to do trading was my decision. But at the in the mid of second half there was unpredicted movement that may caused by fundamental factors honesty I didn’t know about them.

Maybe you have guessed what would happen to my account. I was losing anymore. My hope to get higher balance become empty and certainly you don’t want to get the same experience as what I have done right? So don’t be a greedy trader you can include this tips into your attitude management. Once more I am only a new trader that need more advice from the other so let me know if you have more tips and trick for traders.

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    Well said, finally a good report on this stuff

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