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Ben Bernanke: Regulators Reviewing Foreclosure Practices

Ben Bernanke: Regulators Reviewing Foreclosure Practices Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said Monday that federal bank regulators would be examining the legalities of mortgage companies in terms of foreclosure procedures.   The chairman said that they were taking intensive review at the firms’ policies, procedures, and internal controls with regards to foreclosure. In addition, they were [...]

Elliott Wave Forex Trading: It’s Not The News That Matters

Watch more free Elliott wave videos here: www.elliottwave.com The standard explanation mainstream financial analysts and some forex trading “experts” use when talking about a market move is, “The market did that because of such-and-such news report.” But if you’ve been forex trading long enough, you know that all too often, the market’s reaction to the [...]

Past Life Regression – Future Happiness!

Only a total of twenty five percent of the population believe in reincarnation. However, this does not prove it does not exist. Were you ever inclined towards something or perhaps had an ability or talent and maybe wondered where that ‘something’ came from? Im sure you have an idea what Im referring too. At time during the day, we may feel a strong connection to something and havent got a clue why. Perhaps it was something that was important to you in your past life.

Spot market, forwards market, and futures market

If you’re living in France and want to visit Borobudur in Indonesia, you must exchange your France currency to local currency, in this case the Indonesian Rupiah, at the current exchange rate. Currencies are important, it’s able to conduct foreign trade and business. The need of exchange currencies is the main reason why foreign exchange [...]

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