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Dec 26

Cosmic ordering has become more and more in prominence lately and the idea has been endorsed by many celebrities. Just place your order with the universe and after a short wait, it will be yours!

Check out all the people in the world who are getting what they really want. You already know, though that it doesn’t work for everyone. What are celebrities and other successful people doing that the rest of us not? Does the cosmic ordering service really exist?

If you’ve ever grumbled when you saw someone else win a great prize or get a promotion, then without realizing it, you placed an order to your cosmic ordering service. Envy and distain at another’s success reinforces the fact that you believe you’ll never have that success and invites the ordering service to bring you more misery and poverty for your lunch.

Think about going out to dinner. If you see someone with a great dinner, do you get angry? Chances are, all you do is order what they’re having! You’d be happy for them and hope that it would be as good for you whenever your dinner shows up.

Think about it in that regard. Find joy in other people’s success and take delight in their pleasure. Remember that when you get the same that it will be just as sweet. Don’t be angry, disappointed or bitter, or believe that there is not enough to go around. That means that you are placing an order for failure.

Many religions tell us that prayer and the power of prayer can bring us anything we want. There’s a catch. You have to believe. Recently scientists found that if you apply the principals of quantum physics to this same belief system, there is scientific evidence that what was scoffed as religious dogma is true.

It is the application of the mind’s energy that makes it happen. This doesn’t take away from the religious doctrine but enhances it with proof.

If you are just using positive affirmations, the problem is that there is a lot that can stand in your way. Past experiences can negate your new hope, and this can get rid of a lot of the good that you are doing. Remember that while this can work, it can take time to really root out the old beliefs.

So what are the cosmic ordering secrets? You need to do a thorough housecleaning of your brain before you start any program to attain your life’s desires. You need to start with a clean slate and realize it’s okay to accept all the great wealth the Universe has to offer.

Various methods help you to clean out the old. Just like a vacuum sweeper is more effective than a small toothbrush to clean the carpet, so are newer scientific ways more effective in making your mind available to accept the new way of life you desire.

You can actually use self-hypnosis, subliminal affirmations and binaural frequency waves to help you get where you want. They will let you get rid of your old, tired thinking and then you’ll find that you have lots of things going your way. Remember that the cosmic ordering secrets can really help your mind, and that if your mind is sabotaging you, you aren’t going to get very far.

Your mind hates change. It fights to keep you in a steady state so unless you believe that you already have what you want, just by using your cosmic ordering system; it fights you tooth and nail. These additional tools help to believe you already are there and relieves you of the fight to improve. It even makes it uncomfortable not to achieve and receive everything you want, because you already believe it exists.

The cosmic ordering system can give you whatever it is you want. Pick out your order and then find a way to make it a reality!

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