Equipment and refurbishment of your Real Estate

Now the question is: From where should you begin? So you have purchased a house that is not in a good shape and you need to undertake necessary actions to make sure that the house is properly furnished and renovated before you resell the house or before you move into it with your family.

FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | January 5, 2011

Results from the most recent ADP survey of US private sector employment showed that private payrolls rose an estimated 297000 in December, far exceeding the median forecast of 100000. The US report sparked a dollar surge, a sharp drop in the Japanese yen, and an extension of yesterday’s Swiss franc sell-off. The EUR/CHF currency pair [...]

Forex Trading Tools

A forex chart is a basic concept that helps to simplify an insanely complicated forex market. What these forex charts do is make it easier for a trader or forex adviser to accurately analyze the movements of the forex trading market.

Myth: Filing For Bankruptcy Means Losing Your Home

Saying that our most important investment is a home would be an understatement. It is where we raise our children and enjoy those precious moments with our family. It is the foundation on which the American dream is built. Not only is it an investment but it is where our hearts reside. It is where we kick up our feet and where we lay our heads. Protecting it is something that we will do at all costs.


Hey everybody for this outlook it’s all about the Euro. I take some inventory of where we are longer term and then try to draw up a few intraday trade plans. Good luck today!! David Pegler

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