Food For Your Body And Soul

As the proverb goes, health is wealth. And in this instance we are talking about the wealth of the human spirit. Good food is necessary for our health because our body is able to absorb its full nutrients – it is exactly so with our life. When we accept life in its sum total, relishing all its phenomena and sensations, our soul will be able to imbibe its entire range of ‘nutrients’, comprehending the full meaning of our existence, and letting us live our life to the utmost. Masami Sato shares the secret of living a full life in this excerpt from her latest book, ONE.


Hi Everyone Hope you had a good weekend. For todays video, I am going to stick to my daily up trend bias and continue to look for longs. If you are not already in a trade, this video will give you some ideas on how. We also combine some pivot theories to help guide the [...]

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