Hey everyone. Todays video is a busy one to say the least, I conduct analysis and build trade plans for 4 currency pairs. Cable, Pound Yen, Pound Swiss and Euro USD. You going to need to bring your A game today as its a support and resistance and relative strength buffet. Today the Euro Pound [...]

Be the Good Trader and Good Father for Your Baby

As the forex trader and executive, I have the community of peoples that have the same interest with the forex and investment business. Several days ago, I heard one of the members of the community would be the father since his wife was pregnant since several month ago and now he was very busy to [...]

FOREX CONQUERED! (Forex, DAX, ES and ER Live Trade Recap)

Everyone knows Forex does not report volume. WIth our software, it now does! Our software has been redesigned to read “volume” on the forex market, so now ANY spot Forex market can be traded with our exclusive PVM technology. John will recap the trades on the EuroCAD Forex, then the DAX, then recap the LIVE [...]

Online Forex Trading Tools Forex Trading Advice

Online Forex Trading Tools Forex Trading Advice After being a victim to one or maybe several scams that are growing with popularity these days you responsively are cautious towards risky products. I am here to tell you that after the correct research testimonials and reviews looked over and final decision you will find out that [...]

Global Test Market

Global Test Market Global Test Market is an online panel for market research. The company has been dealing with paid surveys and is provided opportunities in many countries to earn money by giving opinions about products and services. It has been operative since 1999 and claims to have over five million members worldwide. Paid surveys [...]

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