Hi Folks A very nice day was had if you are a dollar bear and looked at the previous day as pullbacks. This video provides a wonderful example of how we entered a AUD/USD trade based off long-term support, what got us in and why. I am looking for dollar weakness to continue and looking [...]

Forex Trading Strategy – Advanced Scalping Techniques

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01 Forex Basics

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Automated Forex Trading

www.articlesbase.com Automatic Forex Trading utilizes special software that keeps an eye on the trade and the currency rates. It is there to keep an eye on the foreign exchange rates. digg.com

Forex Trading System Tips: USD/JPY and RSI

[ForexOnFire.com] Forex trading can be challenging! Learn new forex day trading tips with this 7-minute forexonfire example from USD/JPY and RSI, featured at forexonfire.com

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