FOREX Video: Trade NFP Live: Jan 8, 2010

Non farm payrolls “high volitility event driven continuation breakout strategy” employed during a live webinar at fxstreet.com with close to 1000 registered traders. Headline numbers were “less good” and created a bullish opportunity on the EUR/USD, as the EUR/GBP was also bullish after the news. We used price action, resistance and then a fibonacci pull [...]

Forex Account | Forex Trading Account

Forex Account | Forex Trading Account TheBestOfGuide.com – Things You Should Know Before Opening A Forex Account Choosing a right account and investing in it poses a risk. Here are the few things to remember when opening a forex account: 1. A trader will be asked to sign a margin agreement. Prepare the necessary documents [...]

forex trading example – a guide in forex trading

hubpages.com In this video I remind of two signals that I gave the day before yesterday, usd/chf buy and eur/chf buy, according to my range trading strategy. Also I give a new one, which is gbp/jpy sell, according to my breakout strategy. Good luck in forex trading.

Beginners Guide to Play The Online Games

I am sure that you have noticed that playing the online games being more popular along the internet users. No, matter what kinds of business fields they work and what kinds of profession their jobs, even you are the Forex trader of course. Because we need the entertainment to fill up our spare time besides [...]

Play The Forex Wisely and Shopping Smartely

As we know, we can make much profit when doing the Forex trading with the right Forex strategy. All we need to do is made some technical analysis and fundamental analysis to predict the currency prices. If we are lucky and our prediction is correct then we will gain much more profit. That’s the keys. [...]

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