The headline figure from the US NFP report has not lived up to expectations over most of the past 10 months. Results of a recent survey of US corporate purchasing managers could hint at what traders will find in tomorrow’s jobs report.

Forex trading daily outlook October 25, 2010

G-20 Agrees to Refrain from Competitive Devaluations. USD resumes decline

Forex Live Trading -Trade Journal j# 2 – Forex Education – Learn Forex

www.forexstrategysecrets.com Take a look at one of the trades Jed made. It should be educational. We hope you learn from it.

Gambling And Online Forex Trading

The both of terminology are though as the same thing by most people. But when they are diving by doing the two things they will realize that both of them is not same anymore. The way to think that online forex trading is the same thing as gambling make people that getting much money with [...]

23102009 forex scalping Frankfurt

www.forexforum.gr is theplace were you can find free trading systems and the results for almost 9 months now, from Northern Lights Strategy. In http you can find more information about Northern Lights Strategy method.In www.forexlegion.com you can find our basic forex school in Greek language.More languages on the way. If you dont know what is [...]

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