Forex Video | New York Session Review | August 6, 2008

The US dollar continued its recent strength across the major currency pairs during a day light on economic reports. A blend of fundamentals and technical analysis pointed to the EUR/USD as a viable prospect for a short trade at the open of the New York session. Pivot points and currency correlation provided excellent guidance on [...]

Better Films And Pictures With Green Screen Los Angeles

Ever imagined the film industry without the use of green screen? Most of the films and footage that amazed people are products of Green screen Los Angeles technology. With the use of green screen, out of this world settings and amazing creatures are shown in films. Chroma has made the not possible due to the wonders it can bring films. Dramatic effects and PC generated images are all possible thanks to the help of green screen. The films like Titanic and Star Trek used green screen technology that made it look more practical and creative. Green screen is regarded as any filmmaker’s best chum but not all folk know how this technique works.

forex trading example – a guide in forex trading

hubpages.com In this video I remind of two signals that I gave the day before yesterday, usd/chf buy and eur/chf buy, according to my range trading strategy. Also I give a new one, which is gbp/jpy sell, according to my breakout strategy. Good luck in forex trading.

Forex – Fewer Americans than forecast filed first-time claims to collect jobless benefits last week.

Orders for US durable goods climbed 2.7 percent in January as demand for aircraft rebounded after plunging the previous month.


The EUR/JPY looks prime for an upside move. Price has retraced back to a former resistance zone. Lets see if we can use this as support for new longs. We also touch on the EUR/GBP and use this as a little justification for the EUR/JPY trade. Good Luck Rob Helean

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