FOREX Non-Farm Payrolls – July 6, 2007

Very strong employment numnbers for the USD. Both the headline and revision numbers were better than expected. The USD gained strenght… for a few minutes anyway. However, it is a holiday market lacking the big investors… so there was no follow through and no real reversal… just down, up and back again. Live FOREX Training [...]

Forex News Daily Video Recap: Euro Stumbles on Ireland, ECB Bond Buying

The main theme today was Euro weakness as there was more worrisome news regarding Ireland and it was revealed that the ECB bought a large amount of bonds last week. The EUR/USD slid from its highs near 1.38. The USD was a bit stronger as US stocks slid, despite some positive US fundamentals in the [...]


Hey everybody, for this outlook video I look at Cable and the Euro Pound cross. Very simple analysis indeed, looking for some short term trend continuation plays. Good luck!! David Pegler

forex signals

hubpages.com In the video I explain how I got a forex signal to trade gbp news on friday according to my news forex signals trading strategy and made a profit of 389 pips buying eur/gbp and selling gbp/aud. I still have gbp/chf one position open which has more than 250 pips of profit. I made [...]

( Forex Robot )–FXCM Top Broker Interview–Forex Robot

tinyurl.com ( Forex Robot )–FXCM Top Broker Interview–Forex Robot tinyurl.com When The World’s Biggest Forex Brokers Talk… We Listen, And We Think You Should, Too. Matthew Navie, VP of Institutional Sales & Business Development at FXCM tells YOU the truth behind the FX industry…Their Commitment To The FRWC…The True Facts! tinyurl.com http:www.forexrobotworldcupreviews.com

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