How Big Your Trust To Your Online Forex Robot

We all know that by using online forex robot or called Expert Advisor (EA) as well a trader will do online trade easier and then only need to set what time they will activate and disable the EA. But it still create a new problem when we don’t know the best setting for our expert [...]

130+ Pip Winner Trading the Ichimoku Cloud – FOREX -GBPH4

Automated forex trading system based on the Ichimoku indicator. Expert advisor robot trader built for metatrader MT4.

Forex Trading Software? What is it? Where I can Get it?

Just as with the rapid development of forex trading of securities, there are a large number of forex trading softwares that you use for your excursions in foreign exchange markets of foreign currency. You will find that you have two basic options, whether it desktop-based or Web-based programs. Which you choose to go, is up [...]

Dreaming Of Taking Your Company Public: The Machiavellian Method of Fund Raising…Get Ready!

The psychological profile of business proprietors and entrepreneurs in general boasts the critical ‘Risk Taker’ element which allows one to take the leap from the financial security of a 9 – 5 job to the dicey waters of action based, success based income generation meaning: No Sales = No Money and No Food.

Avoid Stress or Psychological Illness with Playing Games.

Do you love to play the online games? Yes…and what rather games that you have a try? Do you already satisfied when play it? Sometimes we have to ask for our self the kinds of question like above, because as the forex executive’s or forex trading player we need some entertainment too. We can avoid [...]

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