Learn How to Speak German to Better Understand German Counterparts

Competition is presently very high in today’s business community, as the world’s economic situation will only get tougher now and in the coming years ahead. For business corporations and individuals who have ties in the European sector, where most of their clientele is composed of German nationals and German-speaking people, then it would probably to their best advantage to learn the German language to increase business opportunities and to enhance existing ones.

Forex Research

www.ForexConspiracyReport.com – Forex Research Forex profits come from learning Forex basics, doing Forex research, and practicing Forex trading skill sets. When these pieces of the puzzle are in place a trader will develop a Forex trading strategy which will always require more Forex research and technical analysis. In recent months two international currencies have been [...]

FOREX VIDEO – New York Session Review – December 3, 2009

The US dollar gained ground against the euro after ECB staff’s revised eurozone GDP projections were released during today’s New York session. While the short trade entry level on the EUR/USD was justified by a plethora of nearby resistance, the nature of the preceding move made the scenario a test of mettle. Traders who took [...]


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FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – February 8, 2011

Today as pre-London was underway and London open nearing, the charts were showing quite a few contradicting signals. Telling us we were very likely looking for a somewhat choppy London session, very volatile both ways. This in turn caused me to put my ‘Scalp Hat’ on and think more about building shorter term 40-60 pip [...]

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