What parties involved in Forex market

The parties involved in the huge market are local banks in different countries, public investment agencies of several national companies and financial institutions such as pension funds, private banks and insurance companies. It works when there are two parts, one part of the investor and the other is where the money is invested by the [...]

FOREX Training Video | London Session December 19, 2008

We found ourselves in a rather choppy pre-London, into London open on the majors today. With Eur/Usd in an extremely volatile, however clearly defined channel/range for hours upon hours. So with the exception of a few shots playing the channel top and bottom, it was a 100 pip range after all, it was time for [...]

6 Forex Live Trading Course

This is the sixth video in this forex trading series and covers: Trading method, the PAT software, the PAT bar and more

Forex Technical Update 8/10/2010 – USD Technicals Ahead of the FOMC Statement

Forex Technical Update 8/10/2010 Fan Yang CTA Chief Technician FXTimes It is about 2 and a half hours before the FOMC announces interest rate policy and intentions. This may be an event risk, and the market has shown some short covering of the greenback as it continues to gain across the board. Let’s see where [...]

Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Forex Traders Make

These 10 Mistakes must be avoided at all cost in order to have a successful trading career

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